“I’m so cool in my new shades!”

Slang of the day:  shades

Meaning:  sunglasses

Usage:  It’s so sunny outside.  I need to find my shades and wear them today.


Tim – How do you like my new shades?

Sue – Wow, how much did they cost?  They look expensive.

Tim – It doesn’t matter.  There is no price too big for the coolness that these glasses give me!

Sue – Right…

4 thoughts on “Shades”

  1. Woow, I was wondering just how many idioms and slangs you have in english?! and How exactly you use them in right the time they are needed?!!!
    Will it come the time that we like native speakers, do so?! Sounds quiet impossible but I’m gonna cross fingers.
    With warmest regards

  2. About shades, it doesn’t make any sense for me, can shades protect us from cold weather?!! It must be specific kind of sunglasses which are used in skiing, am I right?

  3. There are a ton and every day someone makes a new one and it sticks too. 🙂 But, then some get outdated and we don’t use them anymore. Such is the way of any language I suppose. 🙂

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