Weekly Slang

Here’s your weekly post about slang!


To be crazy in an eccentric way.

That nutty professor is something else. Yesterday, he came to class in his PJs.


Although this can mean that something has a lot of cheese on it, it also has a slang meaning as well. It means something lacks taste and cheap.

Did you see what Nicole was wearing? It is so cheesy, maybe she should take it back to the store and get her money back.


This is used to describe when someone is in a bad mood.

My husband was so cranky after he found out that I drank the last beer.

to make waves

This means someone is causing problems on purpose.

Did she have to make waves? Did she really need to tell Sally what I said about her? I just said that her outfit wasn’t that stylish.

4 thoughts on “Weekly Slang”

  1. “My husband was so cranky after he found out that I drank the last beer.” Hahaha, did you, really? When are you guys coming over to Czech? We like beer lovers! We live 5min (on foot) from the city´s main brewery/huge beer garden!

  2. Hi My dear english guru, out of no where, this morning I was surfing the web and came across with your blog. THat’s really something! but it would be more and more awsome if there was an audio version for each blog you make here.
    is it possible for you to do that? or if you have any products for sale in this regard?

  3. Hi Hadi, I will try to do that more for you. Also, I don’t have any products for sale yet, but hopefully soon! 🙂

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