Easter Traditions

Easter is very late this year.  This year it is on April 24th.  The stores are filled with chocolate bunnies and eggs, as well as little toys.  So many places have different Easter traditions, so I thought I’d write about my family’s Easter traditions.  During the week or two before Easter, I try to find some Easter egg hunts for my children.  Churches, schools, communities and other places organize Easter egg hunts for children.  It’s chaos, but fun.  The children all start at the same time and run, run, run gathering up as many eggs that will fit in their Easter baskets.  Some Easter eggs hunts have colorful plastic eggs filled with candy, some have real hard boiled eggs and other Easter egg hunts have chocolate eggs.  Since I’m from the South in the USA, most of the egg hunts I go to have plastic eggs filled with goodies.  One Easter egg hunt we went to last year had money in the eggs!!!  Last year I took my kids to four different huge Easter egg hunts.

I bet some of you are wondering about the Easter bunny and who he is… Well, on the night before Easter, my children put out their Easter baskets and in the morning they wake up to find many treats and small gifts that the Easter bunny left for them.  In a lot of ways he’s like Santa Claus, but he doesn’t bring as many presents as Santa.

Easter Sunday is a time spent with family, at church, or outside at a park. It’s a great time to relax as many schools have Spring break during Easter time.

Happy Easter to everyone!!  Now, let’s go find some eggs!!!

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  1. Konnichiwa!
    Spring warm sunshine drags out people to outside. In Japan, sakura(cherry) trees encourage us to Hanami party.
    But I envy Easter because sakura doesn’t have chocolate eggs. haha

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