Eye, I, or Aye

English Vocabulary 8 March 2011 | 0 Comments

Here are three words that look different, yet sound the same.

Eye – This is an easy word, that I’m sure you all know. It’s the body part that you see through. It can also be used to mean the center of something, like the center of the hurricane or eye of the hurricane.

I – Another easy one and I’m sure this was one of the first words you learned in English. It’s the nominataive singular pronoun that a user uses to talk about himself/herself. It’s also a letter in the alphabet. Another definition for it is that it can be an abbreviation for the word ‘interstate’ (or big highway).

Aye (or Ay) – This is a less used English word, unless you are a pirate or in the British Parliment. It means yes. And, like I said before they are all pronounced the same way, but usually when you hear an American say ‘Aye’, they usually say it with a fake British or Pirate accent.

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