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One of my specialities in teaching English is teaching Business English. I’ve worked in the business sector for many years, so I have experienced it. Here are a few phrases that you can learn that might help you in a business meeting.

Ambitious – eager and showing effort
Ralph was an ambitious worker. I think he is trying to get promoted to director within the year.

Groundwork – foundation or basis
We need to lay the groundwork for this project today, if we are going to start it next week.

To scrap – to discard
I think we may have to scrap this project. The projections are not looking promising.

The extras – things that are not necessary and are in excess
One thing we can do in order to stay within our budget is to cut out the extras, like giving the employees free cokes.

Go back to the drawing board – Return to the beginning and start again because the idea was not successful before
Bob made us go back to the drawing board and start over because he did not like our new marketing idea at all.

Don’t see eye to eye – when two people do not have the same opinion about something
Peter and his boss don’t see eye to eye about his role in this company.

Call a meeting – to bring people together to talk about a particular piece of business
I think we need to call a meeting in order to discuss the future of our team.

Cost projections – estimate of future financial performance
The CEO discussed cost projections and ensured us that our company was growing.

I don’t agree – to have a different opinion
“I don’t agree with Sally!” Ted said as he stood up in the meeting, “I think we should continue with the project and not start over.’

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  1. As for “I don’t agree”, is it possible to say,”I disagree “? Is there any distinct difference between the two?

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