Happy Idioms

Being happy is a great way to live! Today, I thought I’d write about a few idioms that have the word ‘happy’ in them. I hope they will be useful to you!

happy hour – This usually starts at 5pm during the work week. This is when friends get together after work and have a few drinks at a local bar. Bars usually have drink specials (drinks that cost less than normal)during happy hour.
Let’s get together tonight at Finn’s for happy hour.

happy camper – This is a happy person.
I’m a happy camper today; everything is going my way!

fat and happy – Content because you just ate a lot of good food.
I just went to an all you can eat Chinese buffet; I’m fat and happy.

a few fries short of a happy meal– A happy meal is a kid’s meal at McDonald’s. But, what this really means is that the person is not very smart.
My new neighbor is really bizarre and walks around her yard naked. I think she’s a few fries short of a happy meal.

happy as a lark – When someone is very happy and content.
Bill proposed to Sally yesterday. She’s as happy as a lark.

4 thoughts on “Happy Idioms”

  1. Good ones! This kind of expressions improve my vocabulary… and my English subject’s grade! Hahaha!
    Did you know that in Spanish we say “as happy as some castanets” instead of “as a lark”? It’s curious how an idiom can change between languages…

  2. Great thanks.
    After I red your diary I am happy as a lark.
    Because I lean many things about happy!! and happiness.

    Could you teach me ?
    We say “blog” in Japanese like your diary on internet world.
    What can I say?about this ah~ your composition.

  3. I hope you do get a better grade in English due to reading my site. That would be wonderful. I love your saying in Spanish. “Happy as castanets.” It’s great! Thanks so much for coming for a visit to my site.

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