Money Idioms

Some people think that the world revolves around money, while others feel that money doesn’t buy happiness. Either way, it’s nice to know some Money related idioms and expressions to use in your English.

Nest egg – Money you have saved to use later.
I have a nest egg of over 1 million dollars for my retirement. (Oh, I wish!!!)

Cheapskate – A stingy person who is not not willing to spend money.
When I was younger I went out on a date with a cheapskate. I had to pay for the entire date myself!

To Bring home the bacon – To earn a living
I work at night, so I can bring home the bacon!

Deadbeat – a person who doesn’t pay the money that he owes
He’s a deadbeat father; he never pays his child support.

Flat broke – to have no money
I’m flat broke. I’m sorry I can’t give you the money I owe you.

To have sticky fingers – to steal things
My new friend has sticky fingers, she walked right out of my house with my gold necklace.

In the red – to be losing money
That company has been in the red for months. I’m sure they will go bankrupt any day now.

To pay an arm and a leg – to pay a lot of money for something
She paid an arm and a leg for her new diamond necklace.

2 thoughts on “Money Idioms”

  1. Hello.
    Do you say “in the black”?
    We use the word “Black” in case of getting a good profit here,Japan.
    and yes,we use the Red when money got lost.

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