At the Airport

After I taught English in Hungary, I flew back to the United States through Germany. In Germany, the security guards asked us many questions before we boarded. The person who worked there spoke only German and English. I went through without any problems. The guy behind me only spoke Hungarian. The security person said to me, “You lived in Hungary, you translate.”

Eeek, I thought. I didn’t say anything, then the security person said, “If you can’t, then the plane isn’t leaving and we have to take all of the luggage off to make sure it’s safe.” Okay, I thought, I better try my hardest. Luckily it was fine, I translated and I flew home safely.

The moral of the story – If you fly somewhere in Europe or the US (or lots of other places), make sure you know the answers to these questions or you won’t be flying anywhere.


Security Guard – Where are you going today?
You – To the US, to Georgia.
Security Guard – Did you pack your own bags?
You – Yes.
Security Guard – Did you receive any gifts that you were asked to transport?
You – No, sir.
Security Guard – Were your bags ever out of your sight?
You – No. I was with them the whole time.
Security Guard – Do you have any electrical items packed?
You – Yes, a blow dryer, a curling iron and a portable radio.
Security Guard – Anything else?
You – No, sir.
Security Guard – Do you have any sharp objects or weapons in your bags?
You – No, sir, I don’t.

Obviously answer truthfully. The dialog above was to get you used to what the security guard would ask you.

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