How to write a sequence of events…

What do you eat for breakfast in the morning? Do you eat the same thing every morning?

I eat cereal almost every day. Yes, I know that’s boring. But, I buy different kinds of cereal. Sometimes a rice cereal in the shape of hexagons, sometimes frosted corn flakes, or maybe a peanut butter ball cereal. Regardless of the kind, it’s the same routine every morning.

First, I take out a bowl from the cupboard. If there are none, I take a clean one out from the dishwasher. I put the bowl on the counter. Then, I walk to the fridge and I take out the skim milk. I pour the cereal in the bowl, followed by the milk. Next, I carry the bowl and walk to the drawer with the silverware. I open it and grab a spoon. Finally, I walk to the table, sit down and eat it.

And there you have it, my breakfast routine. What’s yours? Try to say or write out your breakfast routine, using words like “first, then, next, lastly, finally, etc.” This is good practice for writing out sequences.

Believe it or not, this is very important to do if you’d like to get a job in the United States. Lots of companies have a question like this to see how you write things in steps. For my current job, I had to answer this question: “How do you brush your teeth?” What they are looking for are details! So practice here to make sure you can give those details in English!

3 thoughts on “How to write a sequence of events…”

  1. Hmm…OK, this should be…fun, maybe? LOL. Although I really don’t have a “routine” as such, it’s pretty random, actually LOL.

    Let’s see…uhmm…first, I walk to the kitchen, greet my Mom (she’s always there in the morning…lol), if she has made something to eat already, then, most of the times, I just go look for a plate in the plate drawer (yeah, we also keep ’em in a drawer, much like spoons, forks and stuff), I open the drawer, take out the plate, and close the drawer. Next I open the spoon/fork/knife drawer (I don’t even know if there’s a name for the places where one keeps the flatware), and take out one of those huge spoons to serve myself. Next I take the lid off the pot where the food is, use the spoon to serve it on the plate, put the spoon back in the pot and put the lid back on as well. Next I go back to the spoon/fork/knife drawer, take out either a spoon or a fork, whichever I’ll need to eat what I have at the moment (told you it was random LOL), I close the drawer, then I put the plate on the table, sit down and finally eat. Then, shortly after, I leave for work. Sometimes I don’t even have much time to eat :/

    However, if she hasn’t made anything by the time I wake up, I just start looking into the pantry, and, if I spot cereal or something I can eat quickly without need for cooking, I pretty much do the same, I take it out of the pantry, close the pantry, put it on the counter, go look for a bowl in the drawer, open the drawer, take out the bowl, close the drawer, put the bowl on the counter as well, right there next to the cereal box, grab the cereal box, open it if it’s still unopened, and pour the cereal in. Then, I go look for a spoon in the usual spoon/fork/knife drawer, I open it, grab the spoon from the drawer, and close it again. Then I finally sit down, and start eating (BTW, I don’t usually eat cereal with milk).

    Phew! Man, that sure was a long one! LOL.

    I hope it’s good enough, teacher. Please tell me if there’s ANYTHING wrong!

    BTW, do you think I could get a job there with this answer? LOL Haha.

    And I FINALLY finished writing this!!


  2. OMG, that was so detailed and awesome! You would get the job! I think some people don’t give details and they would say. I put the tooth paste on the bruch and brush my teeth. They get annoyed with the question. But an answer like yours with so much detail, is awesome!

    I’ll read it again later for grammar and make sure it’s okay. Great Job!

  3. First,I walk into the kitchen,greet my aunt who is always in the kitchen making coffee at this time. I open the pantry and take a bowl out and set it on the counter next to the fridge. Then I walk to the fridge taking the chocolate milk out,yes I eat my cereal with chocolate milk. Next I pour my cereal in the bowl following with the milk. Finally I go grab a spoon and head to the table.

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