Talking about Newspapers in English

Many people might feel that newspapers are “a thing of the past“; however, to many others it is the “here and now.”

Newspapers are made up of many different sections. My favorite section of the newspapers are the comics or comic strips. It’s always fun to read about Garfield and Peanuts.

Then, there are the classifieds or classified ads. You can find so many things there. You could find a job or list your own car for sell. The section where people post what they are looking for is called the “want-ads“.

Lots of women (maybe men too) clip coupons. Most of the coupons are in the Sunday paper. Coupons can save people lots of money especially when the supermarkets double or triple the coupon value. All of the sudden a coupon worth $1.00 that is tripled, becomes $3.00 and you get the food product free. Nice!

Sports pages are very important for lots of people. They have listing for all of the games and upcoming events.

Columns are opinions of regular writers. The writers are called columnists.

Oh and then of course there is the news. The headlines are the most important news stories which are on the front page.

Hard news is the main news that is up-to-date and important.

Soft news is usually human interest stories or other types of stories.

A reporter is the person who writes the news for the paper. They go out to the scene of the news worthy event and they make phone calls to follow up on stories and leads.

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