Talking about TV – Part 2

Here are some more TV related words and phrases…

couch potato – Someone who watches too much TV. You are such a couch potato! Get up and go get some exercise!

episode – This is one particular show of a TV series. I really loved watching last night’s episode of Lost!

pilot – This is the first show of a new series. It’s also called the pilot episode. Wow, that pilot episode was amazing. I’ll be watching this series from now on.

season finale – This is the last episode of a TV show for the season. A TV show season runs from about September to May. That season finale made me so mad, it left the show hanging.

series finale – This is the final episode of a TV show. I’ll be sad to watch the series finale of Ugly Betty.

cancelled – When a TV show doesn’t have enough viewers, then they stop making the show or they ‘cancel’ it. I was so bummed when Jericho got cancelled.

prime time – This is the most popular time when people watch TV. It’s from 8pm-11pm on the East Coast. In Texas, it’s from 7pm-10pm. The most popular TV shows are aired during this time. Then, news follows the programs at 11pm or 10pm depending on where you live. I can’t wait for 7pm, so I can watch all of the prime time shows.

lineup (or line-up) – This is an expression that means the order of shows on a particular night. Friday night’s lineup is great. First, you have Desperate Housewives, then you have CSI.

host – This is the person to stars in a talk show or a game show. I would love to be a game show host and give away money!

live coverage – This is when someone from the news station is at a specific location and they report on the situation in real time. It is not pre-recorded. My brother is a meteorologist and sometimes does live coverage of a big storm. (This is true!)

anchor – This is the main person who reports the news. They can also be called newscasters. This anchor is great. He tells the news how it is, without any bias.

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