6 words that have the same plural and singular forms

Is the plural of moose, meese? No. Moose is the same in its singular and plural forms. Here are 6 words I wanted to mention today, where the singular and the plural forms are the same:

deer – I see 1 deer. There are 20 deer grazing in that pasture.

moose – There are lots of moose in Canada. I saw a moose when I went to Alaska.

Sheep – I count sheep when I go to sleep. My sister had a pet sheep when she was little.

bison – There are very few bison left. I saw a bison when I was little.

Swine – There are many swine at the farm. My daughter gave one swine a hug.

aircraft – Look at all of the aircraft in the sky. Please sir, would you board the aircraft?

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