2 thoughts on “Pronouncing the English Alphabet”

  1. Hi, I watched it!

    We have a lots of superstition in Japan, too.
    It is SO interested that we Japanese have almost same superstitions too.
    Especially about Salt.
    We Japanese people think salt avoid something not good, as you said like devil or bad things.
    We use salt when come back home from funeral. Before get into the house, at the front of the door, we sprinkle some salt our body to be rid of the sprit following us. We use salt not for only our body, but also place, building and so on.
    The time you throw salt over your shoulder is just when you flow on the table?

    Thank you a lot.

  2. Wow Aiko, that is so interesting! We do only throw it over our left shoulder when we spill it on the table. But, maybe I should sprinkle salt around the house from time to time. Couldn’t hurt! Thanks so much for telling me about that!

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