Life in Texas!

It’s important to learn about some of the cultural aspects of a country when learning their language. Below is a text I wrote about life in Texas. Read it, then answer the questions below to make sure you understood it all. Post a comment if you have any questions!

I live in South Carolina now, but I was born and raised in Texas. When I tell people I’m from Texas they always ask me if I know how to ride a horse. And the answer is yes, I can. But, not everyone rides horses in Texas and not everyone is a cowboy or cowgirl in Texas. I did wear cowboy boots and special cowboy jeans. I grew up with horses and we had a big ranch. So, in many ways I lived the classic life of a Texan.

However, the interesting thing is that I don’t speak like a Texan. Most of my friends and family from Texas have a drawl. All of the words are said longer and slower than in other areas of the US.
I am from San Antonio in Texas. San Antonio is rich in Tex-Mex culture. You can find the best Mexican food in all of the United States there (in my opinion). There are also lots of country-western dance clubs and you can learn how to dance the two-step.

Texas is a huge state, so the climate is different in various regions. Dallas can be cold and snowy in the winter. Where I’m from in San Antonio, it is not very cold in the winter, but is sure does get hot in the summer, up to 110 degrees F.

To me, the people in Texas are some of the friendliest Americans you’ll meet. And we do sometimes say, “Howdy” when we greet someone and we definately say “y’all” when we speak of more than 1 person.

Now, you can read these questions and see if you undestood what I wrote by answering the questions…
1. What is another word for ‘hello’ that is used in Texas?

2. How hot does it get in San Antonio, TX?

3. What other culture influences life in San Antonio, TX?


1. Howdy

2. 110 degrees F.

3. Mexican

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  1. Hi, from twitterland!

    I’m in Japan, but I know the greeting “Howdy”, in the animation(?) “Tom and Jerry”, Tom used the word Howdy, wearing the boots!
    The places in Western films are Texas, aren’t they?

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