Driving in the USA part 2

Hi there! I hope you are all having a wonderful day learning English! Below is the script to the podcast from yesterday. Please leave a comment if you have any questions at all! I’m always willing to help!


Hi, My name is Yvonne and this is The English Guru podcast #5. Today I wanted to talk a little about driving in the United States since all countries have different laws. First of all, when you are 15 years old you can begin to drive. You take a classs where you learn the laws and then you practice driving as well. After you pass the course, you can take a test and get your ‘driver’s permit’. When you are 15, you can drive, but only with an adult in the car with you and only after you have passed the course.

When you turn 16, then you can drive by yourself anywhere you want to go. Most Americans go to the Department of Motor Vehicle, the place where you get your driver’s license, the day they turn 16 in order to get their driver’s license that very day. This is a huge day for American teens. It symbolizes their independence.

Concerning laws, it is the law that you have to wear your seat beat in the car. If you do not wear it, you will fined. Also, all babies and children must be in a properly secured car seats or else the adults will be fined.

An intersting thing is that in most states you are allowed to drive while talking on your cell phone. You see this a lot as you drive around the city, people driving with one hand while holding and talking on their cell phone with the other hand.
Unless a person lives in New York or another huge city in the US, they usually own a car. And families usually own 2 cars. The problem is, that public transporation is usually not reliable or not accessible in lots of areas. Where I live, there are no buses or any public transporation at all. So, it is necessary for me to own a car.

This is the end of podcast #5

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