St. Valentine’s Day Part 2

I forgot to mention in my podcast from yesterday, that Valentine’s day (also called St. Valentine’s day) is also a big day for weddings in the United States. In fact, my mother and father were married on Valentine’s day. All of the decorations at the wedding were heart-shaped.

A few words I thought I’d go over from the podcast are:

Streamers – they are thin pieces of crepe paper that you hang up at a party. Usually a birthday part.

Fruit punch – this is a drink that is like fruit juice, but usually made without real fruit juice, it just tastes like fruit.

Let me know if you need help with any other words.

As promised, here is the script for podcast number 4.


Hi, My name is Yvonne. Welcome to The English Guru Podcast #4.
Have you ever wondered how American’s celebrate St. Valentine’s day?

St. Valentine’s day is a day for people to show each other how much they love them.
For children, they have a St. Valentine’s Day party at school.
There are heart shaped decorations all over the classroom.
Red and white streamers come down from the ceiling.

For refreshments, they have heart shaped cookies covered in red icing,
red fruit punch and other treats.

Children either buy or make Valentine Day cards for all of their classmates and friends. They either make them themselves or buy them at a store. Whichever the case, most Valentine’s Day cards have hearts on them. Also, children usually decorate a box or bag and they write their name on it to display in their classroom. It’s kind of like a mailbox. Then, at the party, everyone walks around and puts the valentines in each other’s boxes.
At the end of the party, each child takes out the valentines and reads them and eats the candy that sometimes comes
attached to a card.

For adults it is different, you can give anyone a small present of candy or chocolate, or anything small. But to the one you really love. The person who is your very own Valentine you buy them a special present and take them on a wonderful date to a fancy restaurant.

A man may buy a women flowers, a heart-shaped box of chocolate or jewelry. Or maybe all of those things. But remember men, if you give a woman yellow flowers that means friendships, so you need to buy the woman red roses. Because that symbolizes passion and love.

A woman usually buys the man some small gift, like a wallet or a pocket watch or they make them a very special card or they buy them a card that has a lovely poem written inside it.

That is the end of Podcast number 4. Thank you.

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