Learning ways to say good-bye in English!

Here is the link to podcast #3. This podcast is about different ways to say good-bye in English.


Below is the script of the podcast. Please leave a comment if you have any questions!

Hi my name is Yvonne and this is The English Guru podcast #3. Today I’ll be talking about different ways to say “goodbye” in English. After I repeat the word, I will give you a little time to repeat the word after me. Try to mimic the intonation as well as the sounds.

The most obvious way to say “good-bye” is to simply say, “good-bye.” Repeat this, “Good-bye”

Another way is to just shorten it by saying, “bye.” Repeat, “bye”

You can also say, “bye-bye,” but that is mainly used when speaking to young kids and they will also say it back. Repeat, “bye-bye.”

Other ways to say “Good-bye” are:

“See you later” Repeat, “See you later,”

A very slang way of saying “See you later,” is to say, “Later” or even more slang, “Later, dude.” Those would be used by young people or with close friends. Repeat, ‘Later.” Repeat, “Later dude.”

Another slang expression is to say, “Ta Ta for now.” It just means, “Bye for now,” which is another way to saying “Good-Bye.” Repeat, “Bye for now.” Repeat, “Ta Ta for now.”

A few more examples are:

“See you tomorrow.” Repeat, “See you tomorrow.”

“See you” or ‘See ya” Repeat, “See you.” Repeat, “See ya.”

Here are a few very polite ways of saying “Good-bye.”
“Have a good day.” Repeat, “Have a good day.” “Have a good afternoon.” Repeat, “Have a good afternoon.” “Have a good evening.” Repeat, “Have a good evening.” “Have a good night.” Repeat, “Have a good night.” “Have a good weekend.” Repeat, “Have a good weekend.” And “Have a good week.” Repeat, “Have a good week.”

Lastly, as I pointed out in podcast number 2, you can also say “good night” as good-bye, when you leave someone after about 8pm at night. Repeat, “Good night.” “Good night” “Good night”

This is the end of podcast #3.

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