Speaking about Sports in English

As an English teacher, in the past a lot of my students made mistakes when talking about different sports. Sometimes you use the verb ‘play’ before the sport name and sometimes you don’t. I’m going to list a few of the expressions when speaking about different sports in English.

These sports need the verb ‘play’ before the sport:

I like playing tennis.
I like playing football.
I like playing baseball.
I like playing basketball.
I like playing squash.
I like playing lacrosse.
I like playing hockey.
I like playing rugby.
I like playing soccer.

However these are used with out using the verb ‘play’:

I like running.
I like hiking.
I like swimming.
I like sailing.
I like surfing.
I like skiing.
I like curling. (A very bizarre sport, I might add.)
I like ice skating.
I like roller blading.

Leave a comment and let me know which sport you like! Personally, I love to hike.

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