Conjuctions in English

English Grammar 18 January 2010 | 1 Comment

There are a few different kinds of conjuctions in English; however, I am focusing on coordinate conjunctions in this English lesson. Conjunctions are connecting words. They bind two parts of a sentence, into a single phrase within the sentence. Below is a list of the more common coordinate conjunctions used in English.


and – in addition to – I have a black and white kitten.
but – however – She is tired, but she’s unable to sleep.
or – alternative, used with either often – Do you like lobster or sushi better?
nor – used with neither – Neither Bob nor Sally want to be here today.
yet – however – Bob is a nice guy, yet sometimes I wonder about him.

Fill in the blank of each sentence with the correct conjunction.

1. Doris is hungry, ______ she doesn’t want to eat.
2. I love your beautiful pink ______ blue shoes.
3. I would like to drink either pepsi ____ coke.
4. Paul like neither cats _____ dogs.
5. Peter was first in his class,_____ he wasn’t successful.

1. but (or yet)
2. and
3. or
4. nor
5. yet (or but)

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