St. Valentine’s Day!

Today’s lesson is about St. Valentine’s Day! This will help you learn about American culture while increasing your English vocabulary at the same time.

Below is a passage about St. Valentine’s Day. Read it and then answer the questions beneath:

St. Valentine’s Day is on February 14th. It’s a day to celebrate love! For school-aged children, it’s a fun time. They either make valentine’s or buy them at the store. They give a valentine to everyone in their classroom and also other friends and family. A valentine is a simple card, usually with a heart and some nice phrases, like “I love you,” or “You have my heart.” Some valentines come with candy or stickers attached. Children usually have Valentine’s parties as well at school. They eat heart shaped cookies and enjoy red punch.

For adults, it’s a day where you give your sweetheart a present. Examples of presents are: a heart shaped box of chocolates, roses, other flowers, or even jewelry. It’s a great day enjoyed by all.

1. When is St. Valentine’s Day?
2. What do kids eat at a St. Valentine’s Day party?

3. What are examples of gifts that you can give to your loved one on St. Valentine’s Day?


1. February 14th.
2. heart shaped cookies and red punch
3. a heart shaped box of chocolates, flowers, or jewelry

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