Times of the day in English

Do you want to learn the times of the day in English?

Whether is midnight, noontime, afternoon, morning, mid-morning, it is helpful to know what words apply to what times. These times are not in stone and some people may think differently, it’s just something to help you visualilze.

early Morning – 4am to 7am
morning – 7am – 10am
mid-morning – 10am – 12pm
noontime – 12pm – 1pm
noon – 12pm
afternoon – 1pm – 3pm
mid-afternoon – 3pm – 6pm
evening – 6pm-9pm
night – 9pm until 4am or so.
midnight – 12am

You don’t have to know all of the ‘mid’ times, but they can be helpful to remember as some people might use them.

Read this dialog that took place on the telephone and answer the questions afterwards…

Fred – Hi Betty! How are you doing? Do you wanna go to the park today for a picnic?
Betty – Sure Fred. That’s really nice of you to invite me. What time do you wanna go?
Fred – How about noon?
Betty – That’s a bit early for me. Can we go in the mid-afternoon? Say 3pm?
Fred – I don’t think I can. I have a doctor’s appointment at that time.
Betty – What about in the evening when the sun has set? We can meet for a late dinner at 6pm.
Fred – That sounds great, but I can’t stay out until midnight because I need to go to bed early.
Betty – No problem, we’ll keep it on the short side.
Fred – See you then, bye!
Betty – bye.


1. What time of day did Betty and Fred decide to meet?
2. Why couldn’t Fred meet at 3pm?
3. Why are they meeting at the park?
4. When did Fred want to meet in the beginning.
5. What time a day is 12pm?


1. 6pm
2. He had a doctor’s appointment.
3. To have a picnic.
4. 12pm
5. noon or noontime

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