Talking about Movies – Part 1

One fun way to practice English is to watch movies in English. It’s also important to be able to talk about the movies you just watched. The first part of this post on movies I will focus on various genres (categories) of movies.

Science-Fiction (Sci-Fi) are movies that have imaginary elements that are based on scientific possibilities. They can be set in the future, or even in outer space. Some examples are “Star Wars” and “Star Trek.”

Fantasy movies focus on magic and the supernatural. They differ from Sci-Fi movies because they do not have themes that are scientific. Some examples are “Harry Potter” and “The Lord of the Rings.”

Animated movies are full length cartoons. They can be hand drawn or computer animated. Examples are: “Toy Story” and “Snow White.”

War and Military movies are pretty much self-explanatory. They are movies that focus on warfare, battles, prisoners of war, or military training. An example is “Saving Private Ryan.”

Westerns are movies that focus on the Western part of the USA (the wild west), and are usually about gunfighters or cowboys. Some examples are “Battle of the Alamo” and “The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly.”

Horror movies are movies that scare you!!!! They keep you on the edge of your seat and they try to terrify you. “Dawn of the Dead” and “28 Days Later” are example of these.

Romantic movies have some kind of romance between 2 major characters in the movie. It also can be a subcategory to comedy and then the type of movie would be called a romantic comedy. Examples of romance movies are “A walk to remember” and “Love Story.”

Comedy films are movies with humor as the main emphasis. There are many sub-categories to comedy like slap-stick. “When Harry Met Sally…” and “American Pie” are 2 examples of comedies.

Dramatic films are movies they concentrate on the development of realistic characters. The themes could be alcoholism, prejudice, poverty, etc. Some examples are “Slumdog Millionaire” and “Brokeback Mountain.”

Musical films are movies which have many songs and may even have some dance scenes, as well. “High School Musical” is one of the more recent musical movies.

Action movies are movies where the story is told mostly through physical actions and not dialogue. There is usually a hero in this movie type. “Rush Hour” and “Air Force One” are examples.

A chick flick is a movie which is designed for female viewers. It’s a slang term, but used a lot today. Examples are: “Pretty Women” and “Clueless.”

Chick flicks are usually my favorite type of movies. What is your favorite type?

6 thoughts on “Talking about Movies – Part 1”

  1. AWESOME!!!!!! Great post!! 😀

    This is without a doubt one of the best ways to learn English. Aside from video games, movies have also helped me a lot to learn it, although I believe I still have a long way to go.

    I definitely recommend watching movies to learn and practice English; is one of the best ways to do so and, at the same time, entertaining!! 🙂

    As for my favorite genre, it’s REALLY hard for me to pick just one. Well, I can say I’m a sucker for Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Animated (mostly Japanese animation, a.k.a. Anime) and Action movies. Yeah, those are my favorites!

    Avatar was one of the recent movies I liked. Some of the other ones I like are The Matrix (all three of ’em), Kill Bill 1 & 2, House of Flying Daggers (AMAZING Chinese movie!!!), Gladiator, The Lord of The Rings (all three of ’em as well) and probably some other ones I don’t recall right now…LOL.

    By the way, teacher, unless “Click” is another movie genre I don’t know about, chances are you got a typo there at the end. I think you meant “Chick flicks”. Though I could be wrong, I don’t know 😛

  2. I have yet to see Avatar. I’ve heard such great things about it! I liked the Lord of the Rings movies too, especially the first one.

    You know I hate typing mistakes. I fixed it. Thanks for telling me. 🙂 I should’ve lied and said it is a new type of movie where you have to click through it with your mouse and you get to make decisions like a video game. Oh well. 🙂 I’m too honest. 🙂 LOL

    Thanks so much for coming to my web site! I always appreciate it!

  3. Chick flick is a tatolly unfamiliar type for me, too. But I think it’s special to stand on the female view to describe a story.
    And yes, it’s useful to learn English by seeing movies because of two points. First, hollywood makes quite a few movies every year, and peple can easily get the information of local life of American style! Secondly, foriegners can know the proverbs, slangs or even unofficial terms by lines in films.
    I do like this article!

  4. That is true what you said! Movies are made so frequently and new slang is in the new movies. Thus, you can learn the most current slang and keep up with new words. It’s really great! I’m sure it helps with pronunciation as well.

    Thanks so much for coming to my site and leaving a comment!

  5. Avatar is pretty good! And yeah, The Lord of the Rings is awesome!! 😀

    A movie where you click on stuff with your mouse? Now THAT would’ve been a good joke! Well, it still is! HAHAHA.

    And no problem, hopefully I’ll keep coming and commenting many times more! 🙂

    And thank YOU for helping me with English!!!

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