An American Grocery Store

I decided to take some pictures of an American grocery store today. You can say supermarket or grocery store. They mean pretty much the same thing. Where I live grocery store is said much more frequently though.Here is the entrance to the grocery store. They usually have weekly specials at the front of the store.

This is a picture of the produce area. Produce is fruits and vegetables. Here you can see potatoes and onions.
Here is another view of the produce area. You can see different kinds of squash and other vegetables. Here is a picture of the frozen food aisle. You can see my daughter pointing to something she wants me to buy for her.This is a frozen dinner. It has everything you need for a complete meal for 1 person. This one has fried chicken, potatoes, corn and even a dessert – chocolate cake. These are usually put into the microwave and heated for about 10 minutes.
Here is a child version of a frozen dinner. It has chicken nuggets, corn, macaroni and cheese and a dessert. (This was what my daughter was pointing to in one of the pictures above. No, I didn’t buy it for her.)
This is the junk food aisle. There are tons and tons of chips! This is the candy aisle. Tons of yummy chocolate candy bars! The seasonal section is at the front of the store where you checkout. Since Easter is coming, the they are selling chocolate bunnies, stuffed animals and other Easter items.

14 thoughts on “An American Grocery Store”

  1. “Supermarket” has become a Japanese word,now.
    everyone say “supermarket”.^^
    Japan’s supermarkets are very resembles those of yours.
    maybe we learned the management of supermarket
    from America.^^
    but it looks yours are bigger than here. haha
    I can feel the America from those pics.
    Thank you a lot. ^^

  2. I’m glad you like it! I agree about it looking the same as the ones in Japan. I have a twitter friend who posted some pictures from there and they look very similar.

  3. In Taiwan, Costco just like the store. I like to shop in the store…but i can’t buy anything.Doctor said i must be on diet and exercise more..or i will get sick very soon….

  4. Clio – I know some of that food is really bad for you! Please take care of yourself! And thank you for your comment!

  5. Hi, I come from twitterland here!
    Frozen dinner is so useful lol.
    I can get only my meal but also desert!
    In Japan, lots of frozen food are just main dish, or side dish including.
    It’s reasonable, isn’t it?
    In Japan, frozen foods are a little bit expencive.
    How about in America?

    The name “frozen dinner” is funny.

  6. Hi! Thanks for coming by from twitterland! Most of the frozen dinners are pretty cheap. If they are more expensive, they are usually higher quality. But, even those are pretty reasonably priced.

  7. Thank you for taking many pictures! They are easy for me to recognize the atmosphere.

    That’s certainly an American grocery store looking the same as the one in Japan. But I found small differences. The potato is so big!!! I thought that is twice as large as the one in Japan. It’s about 200yen a pack (almost 5 little potatoes in). How much is it in the American store?

    And I was surprised that there are the frozen food plenty. Though we have frozen foods such as only pizza and only pasta, there are no frozen dinner that looks like an America’s in Japan. I would like to eat it!

  8. Thanks for stopping by! On the far left side, those are Idaho potatoes. Potatoes grown in the state of Idaho. Those are usually used for baked potatoes. You wrap them in tin foil and put them in the oven for about 1 hour. Then you take then out and put butter, sour cream and cheese on them. The ones next to those are sweet potatoes, which we eat a lot during Thanksgiving time. Both cost $1.39 cents a pound. (2 pounds is a little less than 1kg.) Potatoes are usually pretty cheap here.

  9. wow,I like it! and same time I miss grocery store in US. When I lived in US, I loved to go there all the time!
    Frozen foods are not good to eat everyday but sometimes miss that taste so much ^^ actually I love to eat junk food!! hahaha
    Anyway so interesting the idea how sell the stuff in the US.Totally different style compare to Jap. we sell small porttion for everything such as food, snacks, daily use products etc,be cause we don’t have big storage in the house.I love Jap’s way but only one thing that I want to buy big dozen of toilet tissue!! It is usefull!!

  10. Thanks for stopping by! I love junk food too, chips. 🙂 LOL on the toilet paper. I just bought one pack that had 48 rolls! I won’t have to buy any for at least 2 months. WOOHOO!

  11. The thing that surprised me at grocery stores in Europe was that you had to bag your own groceries! Also, the check out people get to sit in chairs….not so in America….those poor people have to stand all day long! I wonder how it is in Asia?

  12. That’s true, they do get to sit down. I’ll ask my friends from Japan and China how it is there! BTW, You have to bag your own groceries in Canada too. (Where we lived at least.)

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